Russia’s war in Ukraine revives calls for Security Council expansion

The council was conceived in warfare – could that also bring reform, including adding a seat for Africa?

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Can a security council created in 1945 deal with threats of nuclear war, cyber attacks and pandemics?

The UN Security Council has lost its legitimacy

Global safety depends on a UN Security Council that places P5 interests above all else.

UNSC Reform

Why is UN Security Council reform so vital?

Elect The Council

Elect The Council is an international campaign for the reform of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). In addition to engagement with UN member states, support and participation is being solicited from civil society, churches, business, non-governmental organisations and regional groupings. Elect The Council is working towards an enabling resolution to effect UNSC reform by two-thirds of the members of the UN General Assembly, based on a detailed set of recommendations tailored to the emerging world order. The campaign is coordinated by the Institute for Security Studies (ISS).

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How far has Elect The Council progressed?

Through consultations, meetings and lobbying across a broad spectrum of stakeholders, we have refined the concept from a broad idea to a well founded proposal for a legitimate and effective UN Security Council. Click here to download the current concept note and summary of our proposal.


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