Project History

How far has Elect The Council progressed?

Through consultations, meetings and lobbying across a broad spectrum of stakeholders, we have refined the concept from a broad idea to a well founded proposal for a legitimate and effective UN Security Council.

By the end of 2017 Elect The Council had presented and discussed various versions of the proposal in meetings with civil society, think tanks and governments in Berlin, Brussels, London, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Oslo, Stockholm, Nairobi, Abuja, Seoul, New Delhi, Nairobi, Addis Ababa, Ankara, New York, Denver and Beijing. In addition, a large group of diplomats have attended many of the briefings on this proposal, particularly in South Africa and New York. Through a concerted outreach program, different versions of the concept were distributed to key missions in New York and to more than 100 global think-tanks.

With funding and support from the Ford Foundation and the ISS, Elect The Council has continued to make steady progress and has started gaining traction among international fora.

Click here to see previous versions of the concept notes on how Elect The Council proposes effective UNSC reform.


Stakeholders engaged


Consultations undertaken


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Why is the reform of the council so important?

See our ‘UNSC Reform’ for the facts

Peacekeeping needs a reformed UN Security Council
Peacekeeping needs a reformed UN…

  To effectively oversee and manage future peacekeeping missions, the United Nations Security Council must reform.

Can South Africa make a difference on a fractured Security Council?
Can South Africa make a…

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TRT World Report – Rethinking the United Nations
TRT World Report – Rethinking…

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Unblocking the Security Council
Unblocking the Security Council

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From a 20th century relic to effective security governance
From a 20th century relic…

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SA returns to the UN Security Council with a new leader
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Current Proposal
Current Proposal

  The UN Security Council can’t stay rooted in 70-year-old practices. It’s time for change, here’s why and how.

Elect The Council version 5
Elect The Council version 5

  The UN Security Council can’t stay rooted in 70-year-old practices. It’s time for change.

Civil society unveils detailed proposals on UNSC reform
Civil society unveils detailed proposals…

Earlier this week, the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) loaded Version 4 of its proposals for the reform of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC)…

No shortcuts to UNSC reform
No shortcuts to UNSC reform

When the 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) opened on 15 September 2015, reforming the UN Security Council (UNSC) was again on the agenda.…