Our history

Our history

Elect The Council

Elect The Council is an initiative for comprehensive reform of the UN Security Council.  It advocates for global powers and coalitions of states that meet 3 criteria to automatically serve on the UN Security Council, for 24 countries to be elected on a proportional basis to the Council for 3-year terms and to do away with the system of permanent members and veto rights over an 18-year transitional period.


This seminar began a series of global consultations to discuss and refine Elect the Council’s approach. The seminar was attended


On 15 June the ISS hosted a seminar titled “Now is the time for UN Security Council reform” at the


Elect the Council hosted two roundtable consultations in Addis Ababa, with representatives from governments, NGO’s, UN and AU. The consultations


On 25 February the ISS hosted a consultative closed roundtable in Pretoria on Elect The Council. The meeting was attended


On 4 April Dr Cilliers was invited by PRIO to give presentations at the Norwegian MFA on African Futures research


On 18-19 April Dr Cilliers travelled to Turkey by invitation of the Turkish government. He met with several government and


On 3 May Elect The Council co-hosted a seminar titled ” On New actors, new thinking: moving UNSC reform forward” with


During 9-14 May Elect The Council held consultations in Berlin with the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP) and with the


On 27 May Dr Cilliers travelled to Nigeria, Abuja, to attend the Nigeria Summit on national security, and while in


From 2-3 June Dr Cilliers held individual meetings with the representatives of Carnegie; Mr Stephen Del Rosso, the World Federation


On 15 June Dr Cilliers travelled to London and met with The Elders CEO, Mr Andrew Whitley. While in London


From 30 Aug – 4 September, Dr Cilliers held consultations on Elect The Council in Berlin while participating at the


On 27 September Elect The Council met with Mr Eugenio V. Garcia, Minister and Head of the United Nations Division


On 26 October informal consultations on Elect The Council were held in Addis Ababa with the local representatives of key


On 9 November Elect The Council hosted a closed roundtable event on version 4 at the ISS Pretoria seminar room.


On 26 January Elect The Council had a consultation with Dr Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah, Secretary General of CIVICUS, a global alliance


During 27 February – 4 March Dr Cilliers had meeting on Elect The Council with Mr Karel Lannoo, Director, CEPS


On 30 March Elect The Council held a small, off the record and exploratory roundtable meeting with the C10 committee


On 3 May Elect The Council hosted a small consultative roundtable. The invitation was extended to the Pretoria representatives of

Dr Cilliers with Ambassadors of Uganda and Burundi in New York. On 10 May Elect The


In May, after the New York consultations, Dr Cilliers flew to Kampala for a meeting with the Ugandan Minister of


In June Proof Africa Communication was contracted to: develop a strategy for Elect The Council; coordinate high-level workshops and meetings


On 7 June Elect The Council hosted a roundtable with the C10 Africa group Pretoria representatives. Dr Cilliers provided feedback


On 1 September Dr Cilliers participated at the SEF (Development and Peace Foundation) editorial meeting on Global Trends in Berlin,


During 6-8 September Dr Cilliers was invited to participate at the DCF Argentina High-Level Symposium: South-South Triangular Cooperation for Achieving


On 4 October Dr Cilliers spoke on the Elect The Council at a dinner hosted by Mr. Gaddam Dharmendra, Joint


On 13 October Elect The Council hosted a seminar ahead of a proposed meeting with the Permanent Representatives in New


During 22-28 October Dr Cilliers met with several groupings (UfC, G77, Nordics) in New York to discuss Elect The Council


On 31 October Dr Cilliers gave a presentation on Elect The Council at Department of International Relations and Cooperation’s Symposium


On 17-19 November Dr Cilliers participated at the Halifax Security Forum and used the opportunity to hold bilateral consultations on